Document of the Week: Likely Record for Edward Garfield’s First Marriage

I found this record in the Bulkington Parish register a few years ago and unfortunately with all the things that were going on I wasn’t able to give it the attention it deserves.  Now that I am back in research mode and updating the site I saw it again and feel that it is very possibly the missing first wife of Edward Garfield who came to America in 1630.

Below is the full page of the parish register for Bulkington, which is northeast of Coventry where his children were christened and northwest of Hillmorton where Edward himself was baptized.


The date for the entry is October 20, 1610.  As you can see below in a close up of the exact entry, you can not read the whole first name, but are given

“__ward Garfeild and Ann Dunkly married Octob 20”

VRGBPR_WAR_BUL_pg(33) Clip

There are no other Garfield recordings in the parish registers in that area prior to 1630 other than this one at Bulkington and at Coventry including Edward’s children and  his brother Henry Garfield and wife Agnes.

The date of the marriage would put it almost exactly one year prior to his son Jonathan’s christening at Coventry.

While there are no other Garfield’s in the Bulkington register at that time, there are Dunkly’s leading me to believe they were married in the parish of the wife’s family.

So far I have not been able to find a burial record for an Ann Garfield between 1616 and 1630 (the date of the birth of her last child and the date when Edward sailed to America).     Let the search continue.

I am interested in feedback on this find as it fills an important gap in our records, leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

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