Website Updates

Two new Memorials for Robert and Floyd Garfield here:  Memorials

The Family Tree portion of the website has been started.  You can check it out and follow the progress here:  Garfield Family Tree.

A screen shot of Edward Garfield’s page.

Tree Screen Shot

Each individuals page will have a biography if one is written on the right side, a picture if one exists in the upper left corner and links to any other pictures, records and a larger overview of their family tree in the lower left corner.  You can follow the other links on the page to navigate through the tree.

The Index is now an imported spreadsheet. Screen shot below.

Index Screen Shot

The icon in the upper right corner with four arrows will make the spreadsheet full size in a new tab/window.  The icons at bottom center will allow you to zoom in and out.  The linked text under the Records, Photos, Tree headings will open those pages in a new tab/window.

For now the index is all together, I may have to break it down by surnames once it gets more complete but it will still work the same.

If anyone has trouble reading any text on a page please let me know if it is because of its size or color so I can make appropriate adjustments.  All other comments are also welcomed.

Thank you and happy researching!

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