Some Old Wills and Probate Documents

This week I am highlighting some of the oldest Probate records I have concerning the early Garfield family in England. Information dating back this far is currently scarce and I am still trying to fill in gaps and find documents to confirm the information we have on these ancestors.

The first document is an inventory of Edward Garfield (grandfather to Edward Garfield who came to America) who was buried on March 12, 1584/85 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England.

prgb_garf_016 (1)prgb_garf_016 (2)

This next group of documents I have here are an Inventory of Henry Garfield of Bilton dated 1582 (my oldest probate record for Garfields) and the Will and Inventory of William Garfield of Bilton dated 1584. I have no further information regarding these men. However, interesting to me at the moment is that Bilton is only about 3.5 miles from Hillmorton, both now belonging to the area of Rugby in present UK. The dates and close location lead me to wonder if they were brothers to Edward Garfield and if they had any further connections to the other numerous Garfield families that can be found in that general area over the next hundred years.

prgb_garf_001 (1)prgb_garf_001 (2)
prgb_garf_002 (1)prgb_garf_002 (2)prgb_garf_002 (4)


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