United Brethren Church Document

This weeks document highlights a charter for a UB Church to be founded at Marvin in French Creek, NY.  Dated March 20th, 1897 it was found among documents given to my grandmother from her father’s (Albert Bayle) house.  It shows Isaac Garfield as a Trustee and lists four family members as donors:  Isaac Garfield (son of George Garfield), Henry Seldon Garfield (son of Isaac Garfield), Samuel K Bayle and William F. Bayle (son of Samuel K Bayle).  The church at Marvin was never built according to Historians in Clymer and French Creek, NY.  No church structure stands in the location mentioned today.

Charter for building a UB Church at Marvin, NY - Mar 20, 1897

You can view a PDF version of this file which will allow you to zoom in and save a copy here:  UB Church Charter

You can read more about the UB Church History here:  UB Church History

The UB Church Confession of Faith of 1815 as mentioned in the document can be found here:   UB Church Confession of Faith.

The UB Church Constitution of 1841 (revised in 1957) as mentioned in the document above can be found here:  UB Church Constitution

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