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I have added a new section in the Message Board for General Site Comments so that visitors can leave comments on what they think of the site, what they think can be improved and any requests for new features, research areas and media.  You can access the Message Boards here:  Garfield Message Boards.

You can sign in to the message board service in a number of ways; Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.  I created the boards as a place for fellow researchers to ask each other questions about their research.  You can use the General Section to introduce yourself and the areas of research you are interested in so others can connect.

In other news, I am working on trying to figure out the best way to display the massive amount of documents for each person in the easiest way possible.  Expect to see some trials coming over the next month in the Records section.  I will be starting with my line (the French Creek Garfields) as I have the most complete information to build the system around.  Next I plan to get the Presidential line and then go where I have the most available and complete information from there.

I am hoping next year to start again on the Garfields in America and integrate a family tree layout along with it.

I am looking for some researchers and family members that would like to send me stories, photos or bits of research to post on the blog.  This is everyones place to share and can be kept going only if I have content to post. If you would like to share please email me at  I will be trying to post a weekly “Document of the Week” on Mondays starting next week to highlight some of the documents I have collected.  A “Picture of the Week” entry could come along if enough people would like to share some family pictures with the Garfield community.

As you may have noticed, I do not limit the information to just the Garfield family, I will add any research I have or receive for related families as well and welcome researchers of those families to join in the discussions and contribute to our shared history.  So far you will find something on the following families: Bayle, Powers, Mahler and Spinks.

As a final note, I would ask anyone with old family photos, documents, stories to send copies along so I can add them to the story and preserve them on the site for future generations.  You can email your files to or if you are not able to digitize them we can discuss ways to get them copied in detail so that they can be properly displayed and preserved.

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